"HD5N" Sargent Hopper Door w/ Wall Buck - 11-1/4" x 18-1/2" Cast Iron

SKU: HS111


HD5N, Small Sargent Hopper Door, Cast Iron w/ Wall Buck

  • Models HD5N hopper door is silent, self-closing, by means of a high
  • temperature hydraulic cylinder closer.
  • Designed for incinerator and compactor applications.
  • Door features include a proven durable cast iron face plate and access plate
  • Durable and accessible parts for easy installation and repair.
  • Wall buck is of one piece welded 12 gauge steel construction.

Resource Document:

Sargent Hopper Door w/Wall Buck: HD5N Spec Sheet_

More Information
Manufacturer Sargent
Manufactuer # HS111


Manufacturer Sargent
Manufactuer # HS111

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